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Privacy and Cookie Policy

KarifyTM Privacy and Cookie Policy


  1. Identity

The website is owned by Karify B.V., a private limited liability company, with its registered office in Utrecht, Alexander Numankade 199-201 (hereinafter: “Karify”). Karify can be contacted at


  1. These conditions govern the processing of the personal data for which Karify as a legal entity is the responsible person. These are the personal data we collect from users of the part of our website that is accessible to the general public and the registered user data that are required to set up an account. However, Karify is not the responsible person for processing of personal data entered into the private environment by registered users. Such information is controlled by Karify in accordance with the user terms and conditions (the information is encrypted, stored and eventually, if consent has been obtained for doing so, passed on to third parties) but the users themselves are the responsible persons in relation thereto.


By using the KarifyTM website and/or creating a personal KarifyTM account, you unambiguously authorize Karify to record and process your personal data in accordance with the objectives established in Karify’s Privacy and Cookie Policy.


  1. Use of Data and Information for Registration Purposes

When users visit this website, their IP address is registered as well as the time of their visit. Karify uses this information to obtain a better understanding of the types of users of the site and to combat possible misuse such as spamming.


To use the KarifyTM private environment, registration through the website is mandatory. Users must enter their name and surname and their email address, as well as data required for reimbursement or invoicing of treatment provided by health care providers. The email address is used specifically to send a personal login code and password to the user. Data of registered users may also be used by Karify to enforce the user terms and conditions. Karify tries to provide you with the best possible service. Therefore, we can use your personal data to inform you on future developments or applications that may be of your interest. Karify will not provide third parties with any of the confidential personal data and will not use such data for any other purpose without your prior consent, except for legal obligations to provide data to competent authorities, upon their request.


  1. Security

For KarifyTM user registration, Karify makes use of a secured protocol. Registration data obtained through this protocol are stored by Karify in an adequately secured database, which is not connected to the internet.

In our opinion, KarifyTM complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). Among other measures, IP addresses and all data that can be accessed through the login code are protected by SSL, the network is protected against unauthorized visitors, the information on our hard disks is encrypted and use of KarifyTM is only allowed after accepting our User Terms and Conditions, in which it is established, among other, that we may not provide third parties with any personal data unless we have obtained your explicit consent. We notify users of eventual misuse and we keep a log of who have used which information. We make daily backups of our system and of the data entered into it.  


  1. User Rights

All users can withdraw their consent, at any time, and request for their personal data, for which either Karify or the user is the responsible person, to be removed or corrected. However, for personal data that have been entered into the private environment and for which a third party is the responsible person a request for removal or correction is to be sent to such third party.  

In order for us to respond to a request for removal or correction, the user must provide the data they used to register themselves with. Karify will contact the user using the email address provided with their registration. The email address for removal and correction requests is:


  1. Cookies

The website may store small text files on your computer. This way, your computer can be recognized during your visit and during a next follow-up visit. Such files are called “cookies”. Certain cookies are necessary to maintain the settings or preferences during a visit to a website or until a next visit. Some cookies let the website know which websites you are visiting, in which order and for how long. This way, web statistics can be make, which can help us to customize the website better to its visitors. Certain parts of the website are provided with cookies by third party websites. These are practical extras, such as a Google map with an interactive itinerary.


If you visit a page, you are asked if you accept cookies or not. This refers to non-essential cookies. As long as you do not make a choice, or if you choose “No, I do not accept these cookies” will place only the strictly necessary cookies. You can always change your cookie preference later.


Cookies as those used by, do not contain any personal data. Therefore such cookies cannot as such be used to identify you. Without any additional information, cookies do not threaten your privacy. You can fully disable cookies through your browser settings (in your internet program). More information on cookies and on how to disable them can be found on If you do not accept these cookies, the website may turn less-user friendly or even impossible to use.


  1. Storage Terms

We store visitor IP data for six (6) months following the respective visit. Registered user data are stored for up to seven (7) years following the end of their account. The term for eventual exclusion from the website is one (1) year, based on the IP address or the IP addresses of the user that has violated the user conditions. Following a twelve (12) month term, the IP address or addresses will be removed from the exclusion list.


  1. Questions about Privacy

Any questions regarding the privacy policy of our website can be sent to Karify by mail, addressed to the board of directors, or by email to


  1. Copyrights

The copyrights regarding these conditions are owned by Karify B.V. These conditions may not be modified without our permission.