What our customers say


We have been trusted by more than 450 health care organisations that daily work with Karify to improve their quality of health care. Karify is the health care provider of the Netherlands, but we are also active in other European countries, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Hear success stories straight from some of our highly valued customers. Evaluation is very important to us to ensure that our products and services are up to date. 




Villa Paradiso

Villa Paradiso uses Karify to support their alcohol addiction treatment. Working with digital health gives them ways to prevent relapse.



The patient is at the heart of Triora’s treatment philosophy. Triora chose Karify’s e-health platform to ensure high standards in its online service provision.


Centre for Telepsychiatry

Karify will support the online alcohol addiction treatment of the Centre for Telepsychiatry.



"Digital health solutions really can be of great support for patients in tough times. For others, it is a good way to get their thoughts straight or clear up their mind. For a third, it is a way to ventilate his feelings unhindered."


GGZ Rivierduinen

"Most of our patients appreciate it to be able to work on the online assignments and exercises whenever they want or read some information at home. For patients with anxiety, mood or personality disorders clinicians are offering Karify online as an integrated part of their treatment."


Vincent van Gogh Instituut

The main value of integrating digital health is in the autonomy the patient gets over his treatment. In addition, the gain is in the possible shortening of the average duration of the treatment, with a higher quality.