Aftercare: What to do after the residential treatment

Around 50% of drug abuse patients relapse within a year according to a 2014 study from JAMA. A full rehabilitation is not...Read more
Telepsychiatry addiction

The Danish Centre for Telepsychiatry adopts Karify’s eHealth platform

We are happy to announce that since February 2018, the centre is live and has been actively using Karify in their alcohol...Read more
Villa Paradiso Logo

Spanish rehabilitation centre adopts Karify platform

We are proud to announce a new international collaboration with the Spanish drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre Villa...Read more
Karify year in review

Looking back on 2017: Karify year in review

2017 has been a year full of exciting changes and events. We can’t believe the year is almost over and we would, therefore,...Read more

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User Story Anorexia

Successfully integrated Anorexia Relapse Prevention [Part 2]

30 to 50 percent of people being treated for Anorexia Nervosa fall back after going through a successful treatment. A very...Read more
Illustration user story

Successfully integrated Anorexia Relapse Prevention [Part 1]

Anorexia Nervosa is a serious and often stubborn eating disorder. In the Netherlands, 1300 people with anorexia nervosa are...Read more