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Blended e-mental health

Every patient is unique. So customize the treatments you offer. By using Karify you easily combine face-to-face consultations with e-health. Compose your own treatment plan, enrich your treatment and strengthen your personal contact with patients.

Flexible treatment modules

Set up treatments for each of your patients. Instantly available thus time efficient. Your patients get to work on their treatment in their own time and place. Easily integrated into your sessions.

Easy to use, quick to setup

Working with Karify is fun, easy and personal. Your therapy sessions will be more efficient and patients will do more at home. Within five minutes your practice is online and you can get started. Any further questions? We are there for you and your patients.

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Karify for patients

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We believe that you are the owner of your medical record. You decide with whom you can share your data. Karify encrypts your data and helps you to stay in contact with your care provider.

Als patiënt thuis op de bank aan de slag met e-health via Karify

Easy to use

Karify is easy to use for everybody. With Karify you get to work on your treatment whenever you see fit. You can easily switch and share between healthcare providers to work on your treatment.

Karify kalender, stem hoeveelheid e-health en face-to-face contact af op patiënt


Your healthcare provider makes sure you get the treatment that suits you best. Part of your treatment takes place online, to give you optimal support in times of need.

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Treatment modules

The Karify Store allows healthcare providers to order e-mental health modules for the treatment of: depression, social anxiety, burn out, panic disorders and many others. Treatment modules can be viewed and selected by disorder, target group, price and type. Choose between free and paid modules.

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