Karify renews mental healthcare with eHealth

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During the international eHealth Week in Amsterdam, ehealth is in the spotlight. For good reasons: The Netherlands are international e-mental health frontrunners and digital care takes a more and more important position in the care landscape. During the Start up 2 Scale-up event Karify founder Joris Moolenaar speaks about the important themes in becoming a successful scale-up in digital health.

About Karify

Karify is an e-mental health platform that supports care providers’ therapy sessions with online treatment. Karify allows them to combine face-to-face meetings with online exercises, tailored medical information and ways to communicate safely.

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Karify believes in ‘blended care’, the combination of face to face sessions and online aid. By using Karify, care providers can renew parts of their treatments by using the possibilities that the Internet offers. A major part of the Dutch mental healthcare industry uses the Karify platform, as well as some international first movers.

Twenty software developers are continuously improving the cloud-based application. A team of psychologists creates online treatment modules. These teams try to support the patient journey in the best way possible. They aim for the maximization of treatment outcomes by making use of online opportunities. The intended behavioral change is being taken along all the way in the online treatment designs, which are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral change strategies and other therapeutic interventions. As a company Karify is on a daily mission to create actual change in the way psychological care is provided.

Karify desktopCooperation as recipe for success

Mental healthcare institutions are partners in developing the platform together with Karify. The institutions use the platform to offer clients a digital reception by means of an online welcome and intake module. Furthermore, the institutions use variants of blended treatment modules that are most often based on their internal care programs. These blended modules are becoming the standard way of treating patients. Karify is also used for safe online communication, for instance by using the integrated video call functionality.

Democratization of technology

Alongside cooperation a broader development is part of the success of Karify: Techniques that Karify are build on used to be very expensive, nowadays they are cheaper and more accessible. Moreover, people are increasingly able to use technology at their discretion and ideas. eHealth technologies are part of this democratization.


A third factor for success is empowering your users. In Karify both the therapists and the patients can influence the formation of their care. Psychologists can put together their own online treatments and exchange these through the Karify Store, an online marketplace for ehealth modules. Karify makes treatments completely transparent for patients, who therefore are empowered to become active actively involved in their treatment path. Moreover, patients more and more often contribute to the design and creation of ehealth modules.

Care givers, patients and Karify all work together to make the renewal of mental healthcare reality.

Note: An extended version of this article will be published in Dutch in the eHealth Week Special by Digitale Zorg magazine.