Spanish rehabilitation centre adopts Karify platform

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We are proud to announce a new international collaboration with the Spanish drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre Villa Paradiso. Karify will support the alcohol addiction treatment of Villa Paradiso online, for instance by means of a customised Intake program. The implementation process has already started and the first patients are being invited to start off soon.

We spoke with Geraldine Darby, Clinic Manager of Villa Paradiso about their choice for digital care.

Villa Paradiso

Why did you choose Karify’s platform?

“Here at Villa Paradiso, we believe in strong aftercare and continuous work on each client’s recovery.

With Karify from the minute we discussed our working relationship between our two companies, it was soon apparent we had the same attitude and belief in how important ongoing support for our clients is. We were very pleased to be informed that Karifyhase implemented a system to allow us to input our own personal online support modules and work with us to platform our recovery model and onward support.”

Villa Paradiso has many years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. Their professional treatment takes place in a marvellous villa in the beautiful Marbella. Privacy and discretion, together with personalised care, are, after all, the central elements of their treatment.

What is, according to you, the added value of telepsychiatry/eHealth?

“Recovery is a lifelong process and ongoing aftercare is important for re-enter into social circles and community.

Different challenges can come up in someone’s recovery and be able to connect and get some new tools via Karify will support an ongoing recovery process.”

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How do clients of the centre Villa Paradiso encounter Karify during the intake process?

“We will use Karify at the beginning of the assessment process, letting clients use it and identify some of the issues or triggers that have brought them to want to engage in treatment, letting them feel comfortable and understand the work we do. This helps to add extra vital support and build up a connection ready for them to feel comfortable to enter treatment.”

What could be the biggest challenge of implementing the platform/eHealth in your opinion?

“Here at Villa Paradiso, we have worked closely with Karify on every step of the process to set up our online support network.

We have worked closely together on developing the programmes which can be accessed. We are confident that this will support the work we do at Villa Paradiso.”