Research News: Addiction patients help create mobile app substance registration

Mobile app

Patients of Jellinek addiction care Amsterdam last week joined a brainstorming session about the development of the registration part of the Karify mobile app. 

Research process

Participants of the research were interviewed and tried out the prototype of the substance registration. This is part of a broader research process where the CEHRES Roadmap is been followed while developing this part of the mobile app. Scientific literature can be found at Centre for eHealth & Wellbeing Research‘s Dr. Lisette Van Gemert-Pijnen et. al. (University of Twente).

roadmap mobile app

User at the centre

The goal of following the roadmap is to put the user at the centre in the process of development. In the previous stages, Contextual Inquiry and Value Specification (See Image) took place in collaboration with therapists at Jellinek, by means of focus groups, interviews and observations in Jellinek’s consulting rooms. The therapists gave us a better picture of the purpose of registration, the target audience (addiction patients) and the implementation within the organisation. In order to verify this, we entered the Design phase where we ask patients about their preferences. Besides, we let them try out our prototype of the mobile app. The resulting comments are being used in the registration part of our mobile app.

Co-creation mobile app

Collaboration with patients supports Karify’s vision of a Human-centered design. We want to develop our technologies as a co-creation with our users. Besides, patients contribute to scientific research of usability of so-called persuasive health technologies like our Karify platform.