New Study: Evidence-based treatment for Fear Cancer Recurrence

Psychologist Marieke van de Wal this week received her PhD in Medical Psychology from Radboud University Nijmegen. She demonstrated...Read more
Digitisation health care

HBI: Digitised mental health care is growing – but where is it going?

Mental health services are going digital, and more companies are seeing this as a way to tap into growing demand. Healthcare...Read more
Breath program breast cancer

Catching your breath online after breast cancer

Helping breast cancer survivors to master emotional recovery The period after finishing cancer treatment tends to be a rough...Read more
Digitalisation mental health Candesic article

Candesic: One click away from a global market

Technology is a useful tool in mental as well as physical health and providers can pursue a global strategy, argues Candesic’s...Read more

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Header Blog Post CRAFT

How CRAFTing positive communication can help addicted family members

‘I’m really going to stop drinking tomorrow!’ Hearing this over and over again can make the related family members...Read more
Header Blog Post Triora

The strength of e-health: ‘going the extra mile for a meaningful life’

Triora’s vision Triora’s vision is to reach out to people whose lives have been thrown out of balance due to addiction....Read more