Looking back on 2017: Karify year in review

Karify year in review

2017 has been a year full of exciting changes and events. We can’t believe the year is almost over and we would, therefore, like to look back and see what has changed in the digital healthcare landscape and what has been Karify’s role. Check out our year in review in this blog post. See the new functionalities we launched, the research articles which have been publicised and the international events we have travelled to. A big focus this year was on expanding into new territories and we are happy with what we’ve achieved internationally with our international team. 

First of all, we want to thank our customers and partners for trusting our team. We are looking forward to the next year with its new challenges and even better care through digital solutions.

Improved platform

Karify has introduced some great features which have definitely improved the quality of our platform. One of the highlights was the introduction of integrated, secured video calling in the platform at the very beginning of the year. Furthermore, our team of developers has worked hard for our messaging app, which was launched a few months ago. To ensure the best quality of care, we are continuously working on improving our platform and will update you soon on our newest upcoming features.

Research and international expansion

We are proud to say that several research articles have been published on the use of Karify for chronic fatigue patients, cancer survivors and specialized mental health care. Research has shown the impact of integrated care on the accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. By means of expansion of the Research team, we again underlined the value that we assign to research.

Our international team has travelled to conferences all over the world to explore new international markets. Among the highlights was our contribution to the iCAAD conference in London, at which our CEO talked about digital health [click here to view the video]. Our trip with EU Business Avenues to explore the Asian healthcare market has provided us with valuable insights into the needs and work processes of Asian healthcare institutions. 

Clinics in Scandinavia, Spain and Asian countries have chosen to implement Karify into their treatment plans. We are, furthermore, active in the United States, Australia and other European countries.

Most-read blogs

In 2017, we have published 20 blog posts about the healthcare landscape

1 Kevin Römer of Triora has written about our collaboration and added value to their private addiction clinics in Spain:

The strength of e-health: ‘going the extra mile for a meaningful life’

2 A theoretical blog post about CRAFT training, by which family members of addicts are being supported. We implemented online programs based on this theory in collaboration with the Jellinek Addiction Centers:

How CRAFTing positive communication can help addicted family members

3 Another blog post went into the assumptions underlying the resistance to using digital health. The high rates of attention to this blog post show the improved interest in the changing healthcare landscape:

4 myths debunked: the journey of digital health

Happy 2018!